Nanisivik CALCITE

Nanisivik Mine, Baffin Island, Nunavut (formerly in the Northwest Territories), Canada

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  • Nanisivik CALCITE


    A complex, doubly-terminated crystal of translucent to transparent yellow calcite (up to 3.2 cm), on crystalized pyrite pseudomorph after marcasite, with small crystals of white dolomite; some peripheral damage.
    5.3 cm x 5.9 cm x 4.1 cm
    $100 CDN

  • Nanisivik CALCITE


    Doubly-terminated yellow calcite crystals (up to 3.8 cm), on dolomite; some damage, including the tip of the largest crystal. 3.6 cm x 5.6 cm x 4 cm

    $75 CDN

  • Nanisivik CALCITE


    Complex, translucent, doubly terminated yellow calcite crystals (up to 2.5 cm), on dolomite; some peripheral damage.
    4.2 cm x 6.3 cm x 3.4 cm

    $50 CDN

  • Nanisivik CALCITE


    Translucent yellow calcite crystals, on dolomite; one significant point of attachment. 4.7 cm x 5.2 cm x 3.4 cm

    $17.50 CDN


Although Nanisivik Mine is known for its unusual pyrite specimens, it also produced some interesting calcites.