Tysons' Fine Minerals Inc.
Rod and Helen Tyson have been collecting minerals together since their undergraduate days in Geology at the University of Toronto (1970-74).  After moving to Edmonton for Helen's graduate work, Tysons' Fine Minerals began to develop as a business: first as partnerships, then as a corporation in 1988.  Re-locating to Nova Scotia in 2007, Tysons' opened a retail store in Parrsboro, on the Bay of Fundy, along with a building for the contents of the Edmonton warehouse.

There are four of us now on Team Tyson.  Currently, we are doing renovations, preparing stock, mining new minerals and expanding our on-line presence.

Helen Tyson, cleaning the store in Parrsboro, 2020Helen Tyson

Helen found minerals through a love of fossils.  While studying geology/zoology at the University of Toronto, she and Rod collected minerals on the weekend.  In 1974, they moved to Edmonton for Helen's graduate work.  Tysons' Fine Minerals started during that time, finally incorporating in 1988.  Since 1987, Helen has worked full-time at Tysons', making jewellery and mobiles, taking photographs and stocking the web site and the store.  Helen also helps people design their own stone bead jewellery (by e-mail/photographs), either with their own material or choosing from our extensive collection of beads, findings and custom work.

Rod Tyson, collecting barite in Nova Scotia, 2020Rod Tyson

Rod has been collecting minerals since he was twelve years old.  Graduating from the University of Toronto in Geology, in 1973, currently Rod is a Professional Geologist in the province of Nova Scotia.  Rod heads our field crews, prepares mineral specimens for sale and does lapidary work.  His expertise and love of geology is the foundation of Tysons' Fine Minerals.  Rod also lectures, writes articles and helps identify specimens (if possible!).

Martin Corbett, mining amethyst for Tysons in Newfoundland, 2019Martin Corbett

Martin has been working for us, off and on, since we moved to Parrsboro in 2007, and full-time in recent years.  Martin graduated from Dalhousie's Mining Engineering program in 2016.  Martin is responsible for doing research, organizing field work and collecting and processing mineral specimens.  He also makes many of the polished items in the store and on these pages.  Martin will do custom lapidary work including eggs, spheres and freeform shapes out of Nova Scotia materials.

Anthony working on the Celtic knot for Tysons’ new entryway (April, 2020)Anthony Thibeault

Anthony joined us in 2019, bringing a wide range of skill sets to Tysons', from cabinetry to silversmithing.  We are benefiting from his years of experience making gadgets for engineering projects, most recently in the form of a new ultraviolet light cabinet for displaying fluorescent minerals.  Tysons' offers jewellery manufacture, repair and design from several people, including Anthony.
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