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  • Tourmaline (varieties)


    Minas Gerais, Brazil
    2.6 cm tall pink tourmaline, singly terminated, no matrix
    $175 CDN

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  • Tourmaline (varieties)


    Governador Valadares, Minas Gerais, Brazil
    2.4 cm terminated crystal of tourmaline, in 1"x1"x1" Perky box
    $40 CDN

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  • Tourmaline (varieties)


    Benedito Mine, Sao Jose da Safina, Minas Gerais, Brazil
    6.6 cm wide cluster of elbaite tourmaline and albite
    $675 CDN

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  • Tourmaline (varieties)


    Gilgit, Pakistan
    Schorl tourmaline crystal (4.6 cm), with cleavlandite
    $50 CDN

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Banner photo courtesy Larry Peyton.